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Wednesday 25th Nov

Welcome to Wednesday!



Our lesson today is 'Subtracting within 10' using our number bonds. Please start with watching the maths lesson linked below as a reminder in how we partition when subtracting. 


Once you have watched the video and taken part in the activities, you then need to complete the 'Number bond sticks Subtraction within 10' worksheet (you can find this in the vehicle booklet). 


Challenge: Write subtraction number sentences for number bonds within 20.

e.g. 20 - 11 = 

       20 - 9 = 


We are focusing on phonics today. In our zoom session we will be focussing on the special friends 'ay'. Please use the link below to practice reading words containing 'ay'.

rwi - ay

Children are then to continue with the booklet from the previous day, looking at the supermarket page. This time you will be doing some shopping, asking 'May I have........?'

You should write at least 3 sentences using this format.

e.g. May I have an apple? Make sure not to forget your capital letters to start your sentence, finger spaces between your words and this time we will be using a question mark.

Afternoon task - Science

This afternoon you will be continuing on from our lesson last week. We were looking at objects made from different materials.

First, watch this lesson on 'How can I describe an object?'

Once you have watched the lesson and had a look at the accompanying activities, you should complete the Material Hunt booklet in your packs. This will recap what we were working on last week, as well as now describing materials.

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