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Wednesday 25th November

Wednesday 25th November

Welcome, register and song whilst everyone joins. Tricky word monster RAP song today - Words we cannot sound out! Have a little watch - I wonder if you can write any of the tricky words at home?...



New sound 'oo’ ‘look at a book’ -remember they are special friends. Two letters, one sound! 

Speedy write. Have a try writing the 'oo’ sound and previously taught sounds.

Look through green words (featuring oo). Sound words out.  Powerpoint attached.  You can have a try writing them at home if you want to.

Geraldine the Giraffe 'oo' -


Home learning morning task ...

Wolfie sent us a message this morning on our Zoom session. He has been to a wedding! In preparation for learning about weddings in school next week, he would like you to take a look at the word mat (attached below) and watch Wolly and Tig at the wedding - copy this link - 


Powerpoint attached too, explaining today's home learning task. 


P.s BIG thank you for sending pictures of your work to us - it makes us smile! You can send it via email or on the closed facebook group page



Welcome, register and months of the year song whilst everyone joins! 

I wonder what the 9th month of the year is?



Children have a look at my number patterns. Can you identify the missing numbers?  Use your numberlines from your home learning pack to help.

Powepoint attached - missing numbers.

Addition bingo. 


Home learning morning task ...

Complete some of your number formation booklet. 

Oak academy lesson - Numbers within 10 - lesson 8 - Counting up to 9 objects reliably.


A message from Wolfie...

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