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Wednesday 27th January

Wednesday 27th January 2021


Here are this week's spellings: 


Now you know what each word means, practice them by using the 'Look, cover, write, check' method, or ask someone at home to test you on them. 

There will be a test on Friday as normal. 




9:15am Zoom- Spelling activity reminder, re-cap of our plans, discussion about opening a story. 


AM Guided Reading- We will read Invasion from Space together Chapter 2; with a focus on vocabulary and thinking about story-writing features. Can we 'magpie' any ideas? Focus today on description. How do we get an idea about the settings and characters?


Writing task- We will ensure that our plan is finished (modelled on Zoom) and write our opening paragraph. 


We will watch this video together about writing a story. 



Story Mountain (suggested planning format)



Maths Activity- MNP Unit 6, lesson 3 - Finding Equivalent Fractions- Page 129 and 130.


If you need more input for Fractions, or want to deepen your understanding- have a look at this oak academy lesson


MyMaths- Click on the links below to access the tasks we have set. These can be used to help you understand your MNP workbook or as an extension task. HINT- if you don't have your MyMaths log-in to hand, click 'practice' to have a go anyway.


Introducing Fractions

Simple Fractions

Fractions of a quantity

Equivalent Fractions

Improper and Mixed Fractions




Mrs Gray/Mr Tilley's Group- The next page in your booklet


1:30pm ZoomMarking MNP book and Science


PM- Zoom Session- Evolution: video, powerpoint and task setting. 


After the session you must watch this lesson on Oak academy and use your understanding to fill in the sheet- 'Missing transitional forms'. 

Powerpoint used in the Zoom

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High