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Wednesday 3rd February

Wednesday 3rd February


9:15am Zoom- Discussion about publishing and editing, reminder of expanded noun phrases/relative clauses, MNP discussion- task setting. 



1. Edit and publish your story: Type up/write out in best

2. Oak Academy Guided Reading Lesson 2 (Street Child GR2)

3. MNP Unit 6L7




Your task today is to write in the missing words. Write them out in your orange book- no peeking at yesterday's work! 

1. det_ _ min_d

2. d_vel_p

3. di_ _ i_ n_ry

4, dis_st_ _ _ s

5. emba_ _ _ ss

6. envir_ _ _ _ nt

7. eq_ _ _ ment

8. equi_ _ _ d

9. esp_ cia_ _ y

10. e_ a_ _ erate



Zoom- discussion about editing and publishing our work. 



Maths- MNP Unit 6, Lesson 7, Fractions- Making Number Pairs


We will complete the Guided Practice section together and look at today's workbook pages (pg137,138). 


If you need further activities, complete a MyMaths from below: 


Equivalent Fractions

Comparing Scalable Fractions

Comparing Fractions

Comparing Fractions- Bar Model

1:30pm Zoom- Science- Fossils


During the Zoom session we will be watching videos and you will be answering two key questions (you will need your orange book): 


1. How are fossils formed? (You may draw this)


2. What can we learn from fossils?

Online Interactive Comprehension

Further your understanding by following this interactive reading resource all about fossils. 

You will need to enter the pin to access this resource: OE2053

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