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Wednesday 13th January 2021


9:30am Zoom- English/Reading- Continuing the text- The Boy from Far Away pages 9,10 and 11.


Independent task: 


5KC Find any vocabulary that you don’t understand. Can you find out what it means? Can you use it in a sentence?


Find 5 words, write their definition and write them into a new sentence. These will be shared on Thursday in the morning Zoom.






Stomped means to tread heavily and noisily.


Miss Chambers stomped out of the kitchen when her Zoom session closed itself for the third time that morning!


5JC Write a description of Joe using a variety of sentence structures. Start your sentences in interesting ways. Remember to punctuate correctly.


Maths- MNP Unit 5 Lesson 2- Reading Tables page 111.


Extension: MyMaths- Time and Timetables (this has been allocated to you as a homework task). 

1:30pm Zoom- Science -Animal Adaptation


Together we will work through and discuss animal adaptation. 

Independent task:

In your pack you have a double-sided sheet about animal adaptation. Your task this afternoon is to fill in the missing words. You may colour the pictures too, if you have the resources.


Extension- can you find an animal of your own that has adapted to its surroundings? Can you write a fact file about this animal? (On paper or in your exercise book is fine.) 

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