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We will do this together on zoom at 9.45am.

Ch 7 lesson 2

LO: To be able to add two numbers by first making 10 and then adding on the remainder.


Today we will be looking at how to make number bonds to 10 to make it easier to count a total number of objects. For example; if I have 7 sweets and I need to add 5 more you need to think about what number is added to 7 to make 10. If you know your number bonds you will know that 7+3=10. If we have used 3 sweets from the 5 sweets and have added them to 10 then there are 2 left over.  Therefore, 10+2=12.

There is a number bond resource below to help you.


Independent work;

Worksheet pages 121-124


Afternoon Activities

This afternoon we will be doing some P.E., we will do this together on the Zoom at 13:00.  

Make sure you are wearing loose clothes, other than that you'll just need a little bit of space to move around in while you follow what is happening on the screen.  angel

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