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Previous lessons - WEEK 4

Friday 5th February 2021

Morning Zoom-Phonics

Alphabet Song

Today's sound-Set 2 'ee'

Look at the picture side of the card. Here are two boys sitting in a tree. One says to the, what can you see?

Two letters, one sound.

Practise writing ee


Word Time: Sound out words containing the ee sound- see PowerPoint below

Practise Fred Fingers- s-l-ee-p.  Four sounds, so four Fred Fingers. Touch each finger as you say the sounds.

Practise these on your Fred Fingers: s-ee, th-r-ee, s-ee-n, g-r-ee-n, s-l-ee-p.


Home Learning Task:

Virtual Classroom 

Watch: Alphablocks ee

Complete the Alphabet Maze activity in your home learning packs.



PowerPoint: Green words containing the ee sound

Afternoon Zoom- Maths

This afternoon we will be looking at: One more or One less than a given number.

Vocabulary: One more, one less, add or take away


Watch: One More Song


Power Point: One more or One less (See below)


Home Learning Task

Practise One more and One less using Top Marks Interactive Paint the numbers activity:


Chill Out Activity: Relax and spend 10 minutes doing some Cosmic Yoga-Number Counting


One More/ One Less PowerPoint

Thursday 4th February

Morning Zoom- Phonics

Blending CVC words - Click here

Sound today - set 2 sound - ay

Watch Geraldine Giraffe 'ay' sound together - click here

Look at the picture side of card  - may I play? 

The little girl wants to play and she says... 'may I play?' 

Lets look at the sound side of the card. When we see the sound side we say 'ay'. Two letters - one sound!!

Practise writing 'ay'

Word time - look at green words with 'ay' sound in. (powerpoint) 

Practise Fred fingers together. Mrs Howard to model - fingers facing you.

p-l-ay   = 3 sounds , so 3 Fred fingers. Children to get 3 fingers ready and touch each sound as they sound play out. 



Children to get their bingo sheets out. They should've been filled in (home learning task yesterday). Mrs Howard to play Green Word Bingo!!


Home learning task for this morning - 

1. Virtual Classroom phonics.

2. Home learning packs -  'Phase 2 Early reading Comprehension activity'  (complete just one of the sheets)

3. Log on to Oxford Reading Buddy. Choose a book to read online with a grown-up. CLICK HERE  - you will need to enter your log in details (emailed to you last week from me). Let me know if any issues. 


Extra activity - make a 'Happy Basket' - have a look around your house and find some things that make you happy.


Afternoon Zoom- Maths

Count on from any number on numberline - Click here

Look at key vocabulary - recap from yesterday. 

Look at containers - which one would hold the most liquid? 

How could I find out how much juice is in my cup? - Measuring jug!

What is the arrow pointing to?

Discuss why we might use a scaled measuring jug – so we get the correct number of liquid. When baking a cake you might need to do this.


 Wizard potions - Look at the wizard's containers. (powerpoint attached)


Home learning task for this afternoon - 

1. Watch Numberjacks 'The Container Drainer' - CLICK HERE 

2. Home learning – capacity wizard sheet ‘ Ordering magic potions’. You will need to cut and stick the potions in the correct order. 


Extra activity – EYFS Home learning ‘Comparing capacity’ - Look at the sheet below for activities you can choose from. 

Wednesday 3rd February

Morning Zoom- Phonics

Workout to the alphabet - Click here

Sound today - nk

Picture cards with 'nk' sound - sink, wink, link, think

Speedy sounds - recap previously taught sounds

Speedy write a few sounds

Fred talk (oral blending) -  th-i-nk , w-i-nk , l-i-nk , s-t-i-nk

Read green words with Fred - Fred talk -Powerpoint with words on


Mrs Howard will pull a word out of the hat - children to listen carefully as I Fred talk the word. Write the word. Mrs Howard to model using 'interactive writer' Click here if you want to try this at home. 


Write a sentence together 'The jam is red.' Mrs Howard to say - your turn, turn to your grown-up and tell them. Tricky word 'is'. 


Play a game -  Listen to the music - stop - write down my sounds -  Mrs Howard will play some music and when the music stops, listen to the sound and write the sound on your piece of paper. You could use your sound chart in home learning packs to help.


Home learning task for this morning - 

1. Virtual Classroom phonics. 

2. Watch Geraldine Giraffe 'nk' - CLICK HERE

3. Practise writing some of your green words from home learning packs. Attached below if you cannot find them. You could even write them on the 'writing repeater' game - Click here if you want to use that resource. 

Why not try and use them to write a sentence, just like we did on Zoom!

4. Look at my ‘Green words for bingo’  PDF document attached below. Pick 9 words and write them on your bingo grid.  We will use them tomorrow to play bingo.


Afternoon Zoom- Maths 

Practise counting to 20 - Click here for the song

Write numbers 1-20 -  3 minute interactive timer.  Let's check our number formation. 

Have a look at some pictures/key vocabulary linked to capacity (attached below). 


Watch video from Dougie - Show children my cups. Pour the liquid into each cup. Use vocabulary - full, empty, half full... Put in order from least full to most full.


If I went to the park and wanted to take some lemonade – which container would hold the most? Compare two cups. 


Home learning task for this afternoon - 

1. Look at the key vocab/pictures  - full, empty, half empty, nearly full…

2. Oak academy ‘using everyday language to compare and explore capacities’  



Extra activity - Explore capacity at home. Fill a container so it is full , one empty and one half full.   How about make a potion?



Tuesday 2nd February 

Morning Zoom- Phonics

Funk finger workout to 'I like to' (use playdough, if you have it) - click here 

Sound today - ng

Picture cards with 'ng' sound - sing, wing, spring, king

Speedy sounds - recap previously taught sounds

Speedy write a few sounds

Fred talk (oral blending) -  th-i-ng , s-i-ng , k-i-ng , b-r-i-ng 

Green words to look at - Fred talk (powerpoint with green words)

Play Obb and Bob - ng -  use thumbs up/thumbs down to detect whether it is a real or alien word - Click here


Mrs Howard will play some music - when the music stops - I will say a sound (w, th, z, ch, qu ) - you need to find that sound card (you made the sound cards for home learning yesterday. If you don't have the cards - you could write the sound down that I say. 


Home learning task for this morning - 

1. Virtual Classroom link for today. See your child's group. 

2. Continue to think about keeping safe online, like we did yesterday with the traditional tale characters. 

Oak Academy lesson - EYFS PHSE- keeping safe – D is for Danger lesson 1


3. Check out more activities linked to Smartie Penguin once you have completed your oak academy lesson. CLICK HERE


Afternoon Zoom- PSHE (Children's Mental Health Awareness Week)

Listen to 'Happiness song' - Click here


As it is children’s world mental we are going to think about feelings.

Look through PPT together – all about feelings. Happy feelings and sad feelings. All your feelings are valid. Think about who you can talk too.


‘Express yourself’ Is the theme this year. Being you is important. Think about what makes you happy and what makes you be yourself.  Look through Mrs Howard's ways you could possibly express yourself ' Be yourself and express yourself'. 


Home learning task for this afternoon - 

1. Watch 'Giraffes Can't Dance' story - CLICK HERE

2. Have a think about your talents. Take some time our of your day to do something you enjoy.  Take a photograph/video and send to us. This will make us happy!!

3. Draw some things that make you feel happy.  You can use your frame sheet from your home learning pack.

* Parents - more information about Children's Mental Health week can be found by clicking here. 

Monday 1st February 

Morning Zoom- Phonics

Listen to tricky words song Click here.

Sound today - x

Pictures on PPT - fox, exercise, explosion, experiment, box

Speedy sounds

Speedy write 

Green words to look at - Fred talk

Play 'Tricky words' trucks together on Phonics play website.  Click here (you will need to log in; username jan21 and password home ) 


Check in – did anyone manage to spot any birds over the weekend?


Next week it will be Internet safety day (next Tuesday 9th). As we are using the internet lots at the moment, we need to know how to keep safe online. I want you to keep safe. So listen to my story – Keeping safe online – traditional tale characters. 


Home learning task for this morning - 

Virtual Classroom - see RSH main page for your links for this week.

Get 5 small pieces of paper and write 5 sounds down -  w , th,  z, ch, qu ( must be on separate pieces of paper).  We will use tomorrow during zoom. PDF document attached explaining and showing examples. 


Watch Alphablocks ‘X will fix it’ - CLICK HERE


Afternoon Zoom- Maths

Children to get Numicon pieces ( should already be cut out) from home learning packs. 

Watch Number bonds to 10 - Click here

Look through 10 Teddy bears in a bed powerpoint. 

Recap Number bonds to 10. If you have your Numicon show me a way to make 10.

Play ' Ways to make' game Click here -  Discuss how many teddies there are altogether. Place the teddies in the houses and children write the number sentence and then show me.


Home learning task for this afternoon - 

Watch Numberblocks - Number 14 - CLICK HERE

Find 14 things at home – put them in a line. Count them. What happens if you get one more thing? What happens if you take one thing away? Draw things and then photograph if possible.

Complete Number 14 activity sheet from home learning packs ( attached below)

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High