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Week Beginning25/04/2022

This week we will be reading, Baby Goz by Steve Weatherill. We will be focussing on farm animals and their young.

The little gosling finds the nest empty and goes in search of his mummy. Not quite sure what he's looking for, he asks each animal he finds if they are his mummy. He sees part of the animal sticking out from behind each flap. Lifting the flap reveals the whole shape. Baby Goz teaches shape recognition, names of animals, animal sounds and memorising key words by repetition. (


Click here to listen to the story: Baby Goz by Steve Weatherill


Try this activity at home: 





This week we have been learning the sounds: 's' and 'd'


Click on the links below to practise these sounds at home. 


Set One Sounds 's'


Set One Sounds 'd'



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