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Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

 Welcome to the webpage for Year 6 at Linaker! Please do check back often and we will try to keep you up to date with the very busy year that we have ahead. 


Please check out the sections below as we will add photos and work regularly. 


The Year 6 Team

Ms Fraser, Mr Napier, Mrs Woodward and Mrs Butler.


Key information-


Homework - Maths and English homework is set every Thursday (using the new booklets) and is due to be handed in on Tuesday. Spellings are carried out every day with children recording their own 'tricky' words in their diary. If there is any issue with homework, please feel free to contact us.

In Year 6, children are given the opportunity for a reward for completing all their homework at the end of each term. 


PE Days - PE is every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon through the term and whenever the weather permits, the Thursday lesson will be outside so suitable PE kit will be essential - tracksuits for an extra layer may be useful as it gets colder. We find it best for children to keep their PE kit in school all week rather than trying to bring it in just on the days it is required.  Please remember that tights are not permitted so a pair of socks in the kit is recommended. Also, for health and safety, earrings should be removed for PE and hair should be tied back.



Reading - As in previous years, all the children have a school reading book . They are encouraged to bring this home daily and regular reading remains the greatest support that parents can offer their children. As children progress in reading, discussion of the books becomes more important than listening to them read - by Year 6, the children need to be able to talk about the writer's choice of vocabulary and create assumptions from subtle clues.


To promote reading, each year group is running a reading challenge, each session of reading with an adult should be recorded in the child’s diary and signed. These are recorded with the target of  40 reading sessions with rewards of increasing fabulousness!


If any parent, carer or grandparent would like to volunteer to read with children in year 6 we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Ms Fraser or Mr Napier to arrange convenient times.


The children have, for the first time, a diary which includes their reading record.  We are encouraging the children to take these to each lesson to record any key information they may need such as homework hints.  Please encourage your child to fully utilise these, adding the term dates, trips, PE days etc to help your child take responsibility for their day to day requirements in preparation for secondary school.


If you have any queries, these can also be noted in the diary and shown to the class teacher as a handy way of communicating.



For those parents/carers who were unable to attend the parent information evening, please find attached a copy of the presentation.

Contact your class teacher.

If you wish to contact the Year 6 team, please use the contact form and Ms Fraser will respond to your query.

Pupils will be working on the following maths units this year.

Summer term 2019 

Where to begin! What a fantastic - albeit very long - day with the Year 6 trip to the Neasden Temple and the Houses of Parliament. A super early start, the coach headed off at 3.30am for an action packed day, finally arriving home at 10.15pm. The Mandir was beautiful, the Houses of Parliament extremely interesting and yet another Q&A session with Damien Moore MP, who has generously given his time to Year 6 this term. Certainly a day we will remember for a long time.

The pupils presented their party powerpoint presentation to the year group. They outlined the main principles of each party they had researched and addressed current political issues. Each pupil voted using a ballot paper and authentic ballot box lent to school for the project. At lunchtime, other pupils read the posters and made their vote too. At the end of the day, the votes were counted and the Green party declared the winners.

Preparing the party political posters ready for the hustings tomorrow. Each party is also preparing a powerpoint to share their manifesto.

Year 6 pupils were excited to welcome Local MP, Mr Damien Moore, to school on Friday. In preparation for our visit to the Houses of Parliament in July and our work on government and politics, Mr Moore came to talk about the roles and responsibilities of an MP.

Pupils worked in small groups to research Gandhi as part of their RE work. They identified key events in his life and then created fact posters.

Using beebots, the children programmed the route of the play, Macbeth. They had to measure carefully to ensure that the beebot travelled to and stopped accurately on each site of events. This was quite complicated and the children created flow charts to map out the journey. They made large floor plans and made decorative scenes to enhance their work. If any errors were made, the groups re-evaluated to achieve success.

Amazing 'goodbye and good luck' card made by Joe and Zuzanna - what a talented pair!

An exciting maths challenge for Ms Fraser's group involving mixed numbers and equivalent fractions - to ultimately create a multi-coloured monster from cubes! A super fun and successful session.

Spring term 2019 


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Consumer test!

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Ms Fraser's cats were appreciative of the work put in to the cat toys but did not feel like playing that day.

Design and Technology saw the children considering what a cat may like! They researched cat toys available then noted down their ideas before coming up with a basic design. Finally, after much searching for suitable recycled materials, the cat toys came to life! Keep your eyes open for the cat consumer test videos in the near future!

A fantastic afternoon learning all about the Easter story with SAWT and Mission Impossible. The children, as always, were fabulous and came back to school discussing all they had discovered.

Year 6 have donated tree and shrub saplings to their neighbours in Sefton Street in a community initiative to enhance the local environment. Lots of happy recipients! Update- we have already had a phone call from a neighbour saying how grateful they were and that they promised to plant and look after the tree, another has said they are going to tweet their thanks!

As part of our Evolution and inheritance topic, we have investigated how different features may be inherited from parents. Using a variety of feathers and beak types, we created birds that demonstrated inherited features.

We also researched Darwin's finches. He found that birds with different sizes and shapes of beaks populated islands with specific food sources most suited to the beak type. We used a variety of tools to replicate the beak type and experimented with picking seeds of different sizes.

We completed our work on disasters by making relics from Pompeii similar to those found in the museum there.

Writing has been super exciting so far this term! We watched a thrilling mystery animation called Alma and created our own narratives. To display these, we each made a 'doll' of ourselves and attached the stories.

After completing Alma, we looked at a sci-fi animation called 'New Media' plus listened to the Jeff Wayne music - War of the Worlds. We then created our own science fiction stories using an amazing range of vocabulary. In our own time, we made alien pods with lasers to display our work to its full advantage. Once the display is complete, we will add copies of our narratives.

As the World book day trip into town was postponed due to bad weather, the children spent the day working on an exciting cross curricular activity. Incorporating maths, geography and elements of DT, they created mind maps of the school premises. After this, they worked in groups to measure all the enclosed areas of the school using trundle wheels and meter sticks.

After collecting the measurements, they were rounded to the nearest metre and floor plans were made using the scale of 1cm:1m. This information enabled the children to create open boxes which were attached to card. These were made into 3d floor plans for each storey of the school.

As part of national science week, we worked in groups to create elements for a journey of power. We researched different types of power and made fact art which will be added to a long pole to demonstrate the journey through time.

At last! The journey stick of power is created!

Autumn term 2018 

At last! Year 6 finally made it to the beach where they investigated the dunes, habitats, beach usage,endangered species and potential dangers. A super successful morning, lots of really interesting comments and observations.

Year 6 had a great day out at Stanley High School for their curriculum enhancement. They created weather forecasts in French, wrote a lonely hearts advert for Henry VIII and armoured an egg to protect it. Most fun was making rockets and choosing how much 'fuel' to put in before launching.

Rocket launches!

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Another rocket launch!

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An excellent example of a key diagram to sort the endangered species found on the Sefton Coast. This group discussed the questions to ask and worked together to sort the various species accurately.

Following our trip to the beach, the children created a backdrop for the found items collage. Keep visiting our class page to see how the collage advances.

Finished! Looking rather fantastic too.

Meet our experts! Not quite sure how to tackle a task? Each piece of work is guided by a group of experts who are chosen by the pupils because they have shown very good understanding. An excellent way to consolidate our skills and help each other.

Trying your best? Let's fill the wonderful work wall.

Zuzanna brought in an amazing sculpture she had made at home after a visit to the beach. Fabulous work.

Pupils have worked in groups to create information posters on their chosen biome.

The children have studied biomes around the world and decided to create their own. This involved creating a micro environment using sand or soil, stones, seeds and water. These are sealed in a bottle and placed in an environment to mimic the conditions of the biome ie; hot and sunny for a desert or very cold for tundra. The seedlings will be monitored and measured over the next few weeks to see how these conditions affect growth.

Work on micro-organisms involved yeast races!

After investigating microbes, pupils made some of their own viruses, bacteria and fungi.

To investigate how rapidly mould grows, pupils added water, milk, soil and a banana skin to separate bags containing a piece of bread. The growth of mould will be recorded over several weeks.

Linaker Primary is busy creating poppies for a display at WHSmiths to help raise money for the poppy appeal. On Friday the children made templates, threaded needles, sewed or glued to create a range of poppies. Check out the REACH page next week for the whole school display.

Learning new skills. Two creative pupils were interested in Ms Fraser's collection of fleece and asked if they could have a go at wet felting. They quickly picked up the technique and made pieces of green and red felt to make their poppies. They enjoyed it so much, "very relaxing", they asked if they could start a felting club at lunchtime! Look out for the new activity after half term.

Ms Fraser's maths groups had a maths relay today. One member of the team collected a question then took it back to the team to solve before the next child could get another question. This involved lots of maths chat and rapid calculation. It was good to hear lots of maths vocabulary and discussion on how to solve.

After studying the work of artist Amiria Gale, the children used shells found on the beach to create their own water colour composition.

Mr Shawcross visited Year 6 today and told us all about the Mexico disaster and the history of the Southport lifeboats. He had a fascinating slide show and the children listened with great interest, asking many questions. We also raised some money to donate to the Southport Lifeboat fund - £54.

Our new science topic is all about light, this week we investigated how a light source reflects off an object and is seen by the eye.

Year 6 planned a bonfire party in maths, problem solving using money and ratio. They worked in mixed groups to identify the key information in the problem, decide on the operation and solve the calculation.

Year 6 visited the Baptist Church today who kindly hosted the Stardome. This self contained planetarium was brought by Matt from Edge Hill University. Pupils discovered how light travels, the life of stars, how to recognise constellations, how to find Mars in the night sky and much much more! It was a fascinating demonstration and the pupils, as always, were a credit to the school with their manners, behaviour plus a range of searching and perceptive questions.

Magic science! Investigating refraction, an arrow was drawn pointing left then viewed through a glass - it was pointing in the opposite direction!

Look what Joe has made at home! Fantastic detail. We love children who are excited about their learning.

Thank you very much to Emma and Graham from HMRC who are spending two days with our Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils. A fascinating workshop looking at how our taxes are spent plus pupils choosing to be Chancellor for a day - a very diverse approach to spending the nation's money!

As an independent time add-on to the written work on natural disasters, the pupils researched, wrote, acted, filmed, added green screen and edited their own news video! Very impressive for a pupil led activity.


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earthquake summer, amelia and billy (1).mp4

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In Religious Studies, the children explored Christian and Muslim beliefs surrounding the concept of charity. They looked at themes of fair/unfair and just/unjust. Comparisons were made between the webpages for Christian Aid and Muslim Relief and found that they were fairly similar in that education and enabling growth and development were at the heart of their charity work alongside crisis relief. Year 6 made posters, created poems and short dramas to express these beliefs.

As part of the Winter Wonderland theme for Arts Week, children chose to create fabric collages based on the book studied earlier in the term; The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. So far, the White Queen has been completed, fantastic work from the all the children,

Christmas cards are nearly finished!

Origami calendars - many thanks to Mrs Butler for her excellent guidance.

A small selection of the lovely watercolour winter wonderland scenes.

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