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When do we have P.E. and what should we wear?


Summer Term PE days


1EC  Mondays

1LK Tuesdays

1MH Thursdays


PE will be a mixture of indoor and outdoor through the Summer Term, depending on timetabling and weather.  


PE Kit

PE kit: Black shorts, white t-shirt and black pumps. 


Health & Safety notice: 

Earrings are not to be worn on PE days, please remove them at home before school or ensure that they are covered with plasters.

This cannot be done in school - if your child comes in wearing uncovered earrings, they will not take part in their PE lesson.


Practical notice:

PE kits are to be left in school so that they are always available in case of changes to our PE timetable and so they are not forgotten on regular PE days. 

If your child attends an after-school sports club, please send in separate clothes for them to change into, so that their PE kit can remain in school.

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