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Who's Who 2019/2020


Linaker Seedlings Nursery

Miss Brookfield - Teacher (Mrs Quigley covering maternity leave)

Mrs Davies - Teaching Assistant



Mrs Ambrose - Early Years Lead

Mrs Howard - Teacher

Mrs Critchlow - Teacher

Mrs Tierney - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Warren - Teaching Assistant


Year One and Two

Mrs Worthington - Assistant Head KS1, Year 2 Lead

Miss Hughes - Year 1 Lead

Mrs Cain - Teacher 

Mr Kelly - Teacher

Mrs Lavelle - Teacher (Mrs Cook covering maternity leave)

Mrs Hindmarsh - Teaching Assistant

Miss Gale - Teaching Assistant (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Taylor - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Halsall - Teaching Assistant

Miss Aughton - Teaching Assistant

Miss Riley - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Clutton - Teaching Assistant

Year Three and Four

Mr Hirst - Assistant Head Lower KS2, Year 3 Lead

Mrs White- Teacher

Mrs Robertson - Teacher

Mr Wilson-Maher - Teacher 

Mrs Suffolk - Teacher

Mrs Evans - Year 4 lead

Mrs Houghton - Teacher (Mr Davies covering maternity leave)

Mrs Wright - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jackson  - Teaching Assistant

Miss Sutcliffe - Teaching Assistant


Year Five

Mrs Corkhill - Year 5 lead

Miss Chambers - Teacher

Mrs Woodward - HLTA

Mr Tilley - Teaching Assistant


Year Six

Ms Fraser - Year 6 lead

Mr Napier - Teacher

Mrs Gray - Teaching Assistant


Vanessa Fletcher - Learning Mentor

Claire Martin - Learning Mentor 


Mrs McFall - SENCo


Mrs Thomas - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Brown - Headteacher



Mrs Roberts - School Business Manager

Mrs McGlynn - Acting School Business Manager

Mrs Dowie - Attendance Manager

Miss Elfin - Office Apprentice


Mr Murphy - Caretaker

Mr Woolcott - Caretaker

Mr Horner - Sports Apprentice





Picture 1 Miss Brookfield Class Teacher
Picture 2 Miss Aughton Teaching Assistant
Picture 3 Mrs Farrow Teaching Assistant
Picture 4 Mrs Halsall Teaching Assistant
Picture 1 Mr Kelly Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Cain Class Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Warren Teaching Assistant
Picture 1 Mrs Worthington Assistant Head KS1, Year 2 Lead
Picture 2 Mrs Lavelle Class Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Suffolk Class Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs Taylor Teaching Assistant
Picture 5 Miss Sutcliffe Teaching Assistant
Picture 1 Mr Wilson Maher Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs White Class Teacher
Picture 3 Dr K Robertson Class Teacher
Picture 4 Miss S Rice Class Teacher
Picture 5 Mr Tilley Teaching Assistant
Picture 1 Mrs Evans Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Houghton Class Teacher
Picture 1 Mrs Corkhill Year 5 Lead Teacher
Picture 2 Miss Chambers Class Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Gray Teaching Assistant
Picture 1 Ms Fraser Year 6 Lead Teacher
Picture 2 Mr Napier Class Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Woodward HLTA
Picture 4 Mrs Butler Teaching Assistant

Learning Mentors

Learning Mentors 1 Vanessa Fletcher
Learning Mentors 2 Claire Martin

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High