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Year 1

Hello Year 1! Welcome to your 'Home Learning' page.

Below are many resources to support your child's education during this difficult time.

Please contact us at if you have any questions at all to do with your child's learning through the school closure.  

We also love receiving photos and updates from the children, telling us what learning they are doing at home whilst school is closed. 

Please download the 'Zoom' app for free or go to so that your child can meet up with their teachers and class-mates online whilst school is closed.  We have a daily 'mini lesson' on Zoom, just for Year 1, and some which are targeted at Key Stage 1 as a whole. See the timetable below.

Please email us if you require access codes or support getting on to Zoom.  Also see below, a folder containing information on what is being taught in these sessions, in case you cannot make them at the specified time but wish to use the resources to support your child at home at a time which better suits your family routines.

Summer Term Topics - 'Home Learning' Style

1: Toys, Toys, Toys (April, May)

2: Get Out of My Swamp! (June, July)

If your child is looking for more learning to do at home as the school closure continues, please click the link below to go to the Year 1 page which has been updated to include Home Learning challenges linked to the topics we would have been doing in school at this time.

What should my Year 1 child know already and continue to practise at home?

If you are looking for more general support and ideas to help your child continue their learning at home whilst school is closed, each 'button' below contains information, ideas and links related to various parts of the curriculum.

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High