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Year 1

Welcome to Year One!


smileyA very warm welcome to all our children joining Year 1.smiley


We know that starting a new year group may be daunting for your child, but please be rest assured that we have lots of fun and play in Year 1 to support their learning. Teachers are always available should you need to chat with us at the end of the school day.


There are two classes in Year 1. 1LW is taught by Mrs Lavelle and Mrs White and 1NH is taught by Mrs Hopgood. Mrs Lavelle is in school Monday - Wednesday and Mrs White Wednesday morning, Thursday and Friday.

The support staff in Year 1 are Mrs Clutton, Mrs Gale and Mrs Halsall.


The children in Year One enjoy a varied and exciting curriculum with lots of creative activities. We work very hard to ensure that the transition from Reception to Year One is smooth and successful. The teachers update this page with photos and information from each Topic. Make sure you check back for regular updates!


Key information

The Colour Monster

To start off the year, we will be using Anna Llenas' book 'The Colour Monster'. During our first couple of weeks, we will be sharing our feelings and discussing what makes us feel these different emotions, just like Colour Monster. 

Our Learning

Take a look at what we are learning this half term, by clicking on the icons below.

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High