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Year 2

Welcome to Year Two!

There are three classes in Year Two; 2EL, 2JS and 1/2EC. Year Two’s teaching team includes Mrs Lavelle (Teacher 2EL), Miss Rice (Teacher 2JS), Mrs Cain/Mrs Worthington (Teachers 1/2EC) and Miss Morton (small group teacher). The support staff in Year Two are Mrs Taylor and Mrs Aughton.


On Monday afternoons, Mrs Williams and Mrs Law teach both classes while Mrs Lavelle and Miss Rice are out of class.


The children in Year Two enjoy a varied and exciting curriculum with lots of creative activities. We work very hard to ensure that the transition from Year One to Two is smooth and successful. The teachers update this page with photos and information from each Topic Year 2 experiences; make sure you check back for regular updates!

Key information

We have made a few changes to homework in Year 2 for 2018.  

Please click on the link below to find out a little bit more about reading, homework, spellings etc.

Traction Man

For Autumn term 1, Year 2 will be focussing their work around the topic 'Superheroes'. This will link in with our Science as we learn about materials, art as we design and print new superhero capes and history when we will be learning about heroes from the past.

The Dark

In Autumn term 2, the children will be historians. We will be focussing our work around two books, The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark and a book named The Dark, written by Lemony Snicket. We will also be learning about the gunpowder plot and the great fire of London.

The Magic Paintbrush


In Spring Term 1 the year 2 topic is China. We have hooked the children in using a story by one of our favourite authors, Julia Donaldson. The story is set in China and is about a little girl named Shen. She gets given a very special gift.

Meerkat Mail

This half term is very busy! We are learning about where we live, the countries of the UK and their capital cities. We are going to visit the eco-centre to learn about our area and how to help our environment. We will also be using our ICT skills to research, save and retrieve facts about meerkats ready to write our non chronological reports. On top of all that it's science week!!

Contact us

Keep in touch! You can usually find Mrs Lavelle, Miss Rice, Mrs Cain and Mrs Worthington on the playground at the end of the school day. If you don’t manage to speak to us, drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. No matter how small or trivial you think it might be – feel free to ask!

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