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Year 2

Hello Year 2 and welcome to our Home Learning Page.

We want to help you to both enjoy the time you need to spend away from school and also to continue learning. We will add to the home learning page regularly with ideas and suggestions.


It is a great time to sit down and enjoy a good book or try some of our online learning sites such as MyMaths, Times Table Rockstars and Reading Buddy.  You also have the work packs that we sent home home with you. 


It is also very important to keep moving and doing things that make you happy such as singing, drawing, chatting to your family and cooking. 


Take care of yourselves and be kind and helpful to those around you.


This is the perfect time to use our Linaker Values of Teamwork, Resilience, Responsibility and Community.


If you have any questions then email us at


Team Year 2

Zoom and home learning update.


Starting WC22.6.20, Year 2 will be having a change to their Zoom schedule. Daily lessons will remain in place from Monday-Thursday, with some lessons involving both Year 2 and Year 1. Please see the schedule below to find out when our new sessions are and what will be covered in each. Please see the new timetable below and email the year 2 email address if you need reminding of the codes. To stay as consistent as possible, we will be using many of the BBC BItesize lessons as part of our Zoom sessions, as we will be asking the children not currently accessing Zoom to use these for their home learning from now on. 


There will also be a change to the online learning placed onto the website. To make the most of the FANTASTIC resources that the BBC have put together, we are asking you and your children to use the daily BBC Bitesize lessons. They cover the full range of subjects taught in school and are highly interactive, often involving videos, games and quick challenges. Some even feature celebrities or well known public figures! Wowzers! We would also like to remind you of the brilliant resources that are Oxford Reading Buddy, Times Tables Rockstars and MyMaths and the Maths No Problem website.  


Remember, to make the most of your learning at home, pick the subjects and topics that you remember the least of, as well as the ones that you enjoy the most. Links to each of the websites have been placed below for you. If you are having any trouble accessing these sites or simply have a query please get in touch with us on

English activities WC15.6.20 and WC22.6.20


Below you will find the English acitvities to be completed over the next two weeks. You may already have completed the activities from 'Augustus and his Smile' and 'Taking Flight', if not, chose the topic text you would most like to do.


Unfortunately we are not in school at the moment but, if we were, we would have been using this time to complete our Indian Spice topic and creating lassis (Indian smoothies) in our DT lessons. Then, we would have written some instructions based on this process and shared them with our friends and family. 


Open up the 'Mrs Cain's Marvellous Medicine - text' and  'Mrs Cain's Marvellous Medicine - activities' documents to begin your work. The documents are already in the order that you need them, simply follow from top-to-bottom and remember to have fun, Year 2!


English activities WC 8.6.20

Please see the attached spelling, punctation and grammar activities to be completed from the 8th June onwards. For each learning objective there is a document containing teaching points, key questions and activities to be completed. Some lessons have activities to complete mentioned throughout the document and some specify the activity at the end so please keep a careful eye out for them. smiley


English activities WC 18.5.20


Please see below for a new English unit of learning for you to have a go at. As usual, you will only need access to the internet, a pencil and some paper, but you may want to use whatever else is availible to you to enhance your learning. 


This unit of learning follows the theme of adventure, taken from our class text 'Augustus and His Smile'. The unit is based around a short animated film called 'Taking Flight' and follows the adventures of Tony and his grandpa. 


Watch the video as many times as you need, for enjoyment and for learning adn then complete as many of the activities that you can. There are a number of additional files and documents designed help you remember what we have done in school. 


Please send ANYTHING that you do to as we really enjoy looking at all of your fantastic work!

Taking Flight

Here are some additional activities to do alongside the 'Taking Flight' unit.

Maths Learning - update 28/04/20

Hi everyone the maths scheme that we use in school 'Maths No Problem' is now doing online lessons.  Email us at for the details to access this.

I will continue to add work to the MyMaths site too on a weekly basis.

If you have been enjoying the White Rose Maths then please feel free to continue with that.  The BBC Bitesize daily lessons are great too.  You could try out my favourite game 'Karate Cats'.  Links below.

Keep making us proud. xxx


BBC bitesize have announced that they will be uploading exciting daily lessons for a variety of the subjects that children learn in school. Many of them will be led by famous faces such as Sir David Attenborough and various sports stars, musicians, scientists and other significant figures. How wonderful!


Please use the link below to start your learning and remember to have fun! smileyyes

World Oceans Day

On Monday 8th June we would have been celebrating World Oceans Day. We all know that is is incredibly important to continue deepening our knowledge of the oceans and the ways in which they are polluted. 


With that in mind, there is some information below and some activities that can be done at home to improve your knowledge. Have fun and send your teacher anything that you do! We can't wait to see what you produce. 

Science activities WC 18.5.20


See below for some new science activities all based around plants. Read through the information and look for the activities at the end of each document. You will need to do some research on the interent to complete some of these activities so please be sensible and make sure that you remember the rules of internet safety. You should have an adult with you or in the same room as you while you do this. 


When you have finished, there is a short plants quiz that you can have a go at. The answers are at the bottom so make sure you dont scroll down too far and try not to cheat cheeky. If you dont have  printer, simply read the question and write down the answers on some scrap paper. 


Have fun learning :)

Origami Bookmarks


Please see the document below for how to make the origami bookmarks we recently made on our Zoom lesson. If you were not on our Zoom lesson (12.6.20), have a go at making your very own monstrous, corner bookmark for your books at home. 

Animal drawing activities


Some of the children requested that I put the helpful pictures from our recent 'Sketching a tiger' lesson onto the website. You can find these below. I have also added some other step-by-step pictures for some other animals. Enjoy sketching and please feel free to send anything to us that you have made. 


Mrs Cain :)

VE Day activity


Following on from our VE Day Zoom lesson, many of the children stated that they would like to have another go at the drawing activity. Please see below for the informational PowerPoint that was used. We would love to see all of your pictures so please remember to send them into us at

Friendship - New activities!


For a lot of us, it looks like it may still be a while before we see our friends again. So we have put together some activities that will give you the opportunity to sit and think about them and how lucky you all are to have such wonderful people in your life. 


Read the 'Friends' document below, then have a go at opening some of the other documents and think about what you could produce to show what a good friend is, who they are and how you could show them what they mean to you. 


It would be lovely to share some of these on our Facebook page and here on the website. Please send anything you would like to share for your friends by sending it to the Year 2 email address so we can pass it on - 

Spring time activities. 


Below is a series of activities that can be done at home all about Spring. Open the activities document and have a read through. The rest of the documents are there to help you if you need it. 


There is also a comprehension activity to have a go at. The answers are at the bottom for you to mark your work but don't cheat - we'll know laugh hehe. 

Indian Spice (and all things nice)


Below there are two links to the updated Year 2 page for the Summer topic of Indian Spice. Please follow these links to browse the Year 2 page for new English, science, geography, art and DT activities that you can have a go at. 

Geography - what's in your fridge?

Our children are living through history right now. Fill in this booklet to help you remember how it was living through this period of time. Store it in something, a plastic bottle or box and keep it somewhere that you won’t discover it for years, a loft is a good idea. 
The letter above explains how you can log in to YUMU - a website linked to Charanga, our music curriculum provider. You will find a unit of activities based around 'The Friendship Song' to have a go at. Enjoy!
NEW ACTIVITIES! Hinduism is the main religion of India but there are followers all over the world, approximately 900 million, that's a lot! Check out this power point to tell you all about the world's oldest religion. 
Puja is the name of Hindu worship. Watch this video following Charlie and Blue visiting a Hindu Madir where Geeta shows them how Hindus use their senses in worship.  
Mehndi decorations originate in Ancient Egypt when mummies were decorated with henna. Over time, the tradition to celebrate using henna body art spread and is used by Hindus to celebrate weddings and special festivals including Diwali. Have a look at some of the designs below that you can colour in and then use the template to design your own. We look forward to seeing them!

Well-Being Resources

Use these links below to access yoga, mindfulness and relaxation for kids. 

Maths home learning - notes for parents

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High