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Year 3

Hello and welcome to our Year 3 page! 

The Year 3 team consists of three teachers and three teaching assistants. There are three classes which are:

  • 3JC who are taught by Mrs Corkhill
  • 3KR Mrs Robertson's class, who are taught by Mrs Evans 
  • 3LH who are taught by Mrs Houghton


We are lucky enough to have Miss Sutcliffe, Miss Riley and Mr Regan supporting all three classes. Some children who are new to the English language also work with Mrs Curran.



  • PE lessons are on  Wednesdays,  please ensure that your child has their kit: T-shirt, shorts and pumps. As the weather gets colder children may bring tracksuit bottoms to wear for outside PE.  
  • Water bottles must be in school every day, please make sure they are named. 
  • Reading books and records must be in school every day. 
  • Homework is given out on a Thursday and must be returned by the following Tuesday.

Dates for the diary Summer term:

Tuesday 18th April Summer Term begins

Friday 21st April one Year 3 class will begin swimming lessons at Dunes

Monday 24th April two Year 3 classes will begin swimming lessons at Dunes


Week beginning 29th May Half Term week

Tuesday 13th June pm Litter Picking

Thursday 8th June pm Litter Picking ** POSTPONED **

Week beginning 12th June assessment week

Week beginning 19th June Arts Week

Tuesday 27th June Ancient Greek Day

Thursday 6th July Sports Day

Monday 10th July Year 3 visit to Stanley High School

Wednesday 19th July End of year 1:30 pm


Dates for the diary Spring term:

Thursday 2nd March World Book Day

Week beginning 13th March Science Week

Friday 24th March Red Nose Day

Thursday 30th March Reading Challenge Reward morning

Friday 31st March End of term 1:30 pm


Dates for the diary Autumn term:

Friday 18th November: am 3JC Bike It 'Learn to ride' session

Thursday 24th November: am Cinema trip to watch 'The BFG'

                                                   pm 3KR Bike It 'Learn to ride' session

Friday 25th November: am 3KE Bike It 'Learn to ride' session

Wednesday 7th December: am Visit to Christ Church

Monday 12th December: pm Year 3 and Year 4 Christmas Production

Tuesday 13th December: pm Year 3 and Year 4 Christmas Party

Learn to ride letter to parents

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Autumn 1


In this half term our Writing lessons are focused around the book 'The Disgusting Sandwich', the children will be writing their own version of the story changing the setting to Southport. We will also be learning how to write successful instructions on how to make our own disgusting sandwiches. In Year 3 a real focus is on teaching the children to join their handwriting. This is how we teach the children to form their letters, if you could encourage them to write like this at home we would be very grateful. 



Handwriting letter formation


In this first half term our initial focus has been on 'Place Value' this means ensuring the children can read, write, compare and order numbers. It also means teaching the children to understand the value of each digit within a number e.g. 654 = 600+50+4. We are moving onto addition and subtraction next teaching the children to calculate answers mentally and on number lines. Another focus throughout Year 3 is learning our times tables quickly and confidently, we are recapping on the 2,5 and 10 times tables from Year 2 and moving on to the 3,4 and 8 times tables. Children need to be able to instantly recall the answers when given a mixed up times table (in any order) question. 


The children will learn about how animals get their food and about their diets, we will also discuss the importance of a varied diet. We will learn how food, oxygen and water travel around our bodies. Another focus will be on the skeletal and muscular systems. 



In this first half term the whole school is completing a local history study on Southport, Year 3 have chosen to focus on how the town has changed over time. We went for a walk around the town centre last week and looked at some of the prominent landmarks discussing their past uses. If you or a family member are a long standing resident of Southport why not have a chat with your child and pass on some of your knowledge? 



What else do we do in Year 3? 

The children are lucky to have the opportunity to learn to play the Djembe drum, which is used in Africa. They had their first lesson last week with Mrs Williams and did really well learning some of the basics. 


Mrs Woodward teaches the children Spanish adding a second or third language to our children's skills. 


If you want to chat to any one of us please catch us at the door at home time or pass on a message in the morning, we look forward to a successful year ahead! 

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