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Year 3

Hello Year 3



We hope you are still keeping safe and well. We have loved chatting to you and your parents on the phone and we are really enjoying seeing you on zoom. Don't forget to upload any work you've done to the website, we love seeing what you have done. There are new reading comprehensions added weekly and punctuation and grammar activities for you try. 

Good Morning!

Please check the Facebook App as new zoom sessions will be added next week 22.06.20 with new times and new codes. If you are unable to access this please email and we will be happy to give them to you.

Welcome back to the final term of the school year. We hope you all enjoyed the sunny half term break.

Did you know that from the 4th-10th June is Food Safety Week? 

If you click on the star below for Food Safety Week you will find some information about food hygiene, a quiz, some activities and a recipe for Rock Cakes. We know that some of you have been helping around the kitchen and baking so we would love to see some of your photos of the things you have baked or work you have been doing. Why not have a try of these activities and share them to the year 3 email. Grown ups please remember if you do not wish your child to appear on the website to let us know when you email photographs. Thank you,

Good morning to our lovely Year 3's.


It has been so lovely to speak to you and your parents/carers over the last couple of weeks and we want to say how proud we are of you all. We hope you are all still keeping safe and trying to do some of the wonderful activities on our Home Learning page.


We have been emailing you with the passwords for online Maths and Reading resources so it would be great to login and have a go if you haven't already.


Yesterday Chloe in 3RW told me she had been making pom pom creatures and her mum was making a rug out of pom poms! So I have attached a you tube video which shows an easy way to make them, so why don't you have a go! Lots of you have been baking, cooking, gardening and bike riding. It's nice to hear you have been out in the sunshine, whilst staying safe. 


Don't forget to join in on the zoom sessions, all the teachers miss you and your friends do too, so it would be lovely to catch up with you all.


Keep safe and take care!

Mrs White and Team Year 3.

DIY Pom Poms - Super FAST Pom Poms with your hand

Hello Year 3 children,


I hope you are all keeping safe and having fun with your home learning. After chatting with some of you and your parents today it is really important that you don't worry about how much you have done or not done. We want you all to be happy and have a go with what you can do. If you are struggling with anything please don't worry, leave it and maybe your parent/carer can send us an email and we would be happy to help. 


It would also be really great if you can e mail us some of the things that you have been doing, pictures, baking, PE, etc, that we can share on the website. Parents/carers if you do not wish you child's photo to appear on the website we request that you inform us, but please do send them to us as I'm sure all the Year 3 team would love to see them.


There are a few opportunities to catch up with your teachers on Zoom this week and everyone is invited. The first will be a year 3 catch up on Tuesdays at 1.30pm and then there are 2 story times for KS2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2.30pm


On Friday Mrs White will be holding zoom catch up sessions and story sessions over the following weeks on a Friday at 10.30 am.


Please email the year 3 email address where we can give you the ID number and passwords so you can join in.


Take care.

Mrs White and Team Year 3.

Hello to everyone.

I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the sunshine. I hope you are all keeping busy and helping out at home. As the summer term is about to start BBC Bitesize are offering 150 daily lessons a week to keep you on track with your learning. They begin tomorrow and there will be daily lessons for English and Maths as well as regular lessons for Science, History, Geography and more. They have been created by teachers and feature a mix of videos, animations, practice activities, quizzes and games. So why don't you give it a go!


Mrs White and the Year 3 Team. 

Hi everyone,


Just a little check in to see how you all are? I hope some of you have managed to do the homework sheets set on the Home Learning page? Or maybe have a go at the MNP in focus tasks.

I've had a busy day doing some school work, PE with Joe Wicks and reading my book. 

Tomorrow is Evie's 14th birthday but we are going to buy her a cake as our lemon drizzle cake didn't turn out very well! Never mind we had fun making it!

It would be really lovely to hear what you have all been doing, so don't forget to e mail using the year 3 email address.


Take care.

Mrs White




Hello everyone!

I hope you have tried some of the websites to help with your learning. If you go to the Home Learning page I have uploaded the MNP in focus tasks for Money this half term and some Maths homework. There are some practical activities for you to have a go at too!

Have a happy Sunday!

Mrs White

Good morning to all our year 3 lovely children! We hope you are all staying safe at home and trying to complete some of the work given to you in the packs. Sorry I didn't get chance to see you all, but I will keep in touch via our class page. There are lots of great websites for you to use too. have good daily Maths and English activities for you to complete.


Twinkl have everything you want. They have the year 3 spelling lists, so maybe you can take 10 of those each day and try to learn and spell.


On You Tube Joe Wicks is doing a daily PE lesson. He's great, I had a go yesterday and I can certainly feel it today! 


David Walliams is also doing an audio of his stories called 'Elevenses' which you should find using google and you tube. I listened to one of his stories yesterday.


Don't forget your TTRS too!


Why don't you try some baking while your at home. There are lots of great recipes on the BBC site. We are going to make lemon drizzle cake today for Molly's birthday tomorrow.


Missing you all! Take care.

From Mrs White and all the year 3 team!



Our topic for this term is the Ancient Egyptians and if you go to the Year 3 Home Learning Page there are lots of suggestions of activities for you to do. There is an Egyptian version of Cinderella to listen to and you could even write a pyramid poem where the number of words increase with each line.



We hope you have been able to do lots of the questions in your learning pack. If there is anything you are struggling with please let us know. We are also very lucky to have free online access for parents to the Maths No Problem textbooks and workbooks. This term the topics include time and fractions and angles and directions which you can also use at home - cutting the pizza into fractions, asking your child to sit down when they think 1 minute has passed and working out which direction you should be facing when doing the workout.


Please continue to help your child with rapid recall of times tables (especially 3, 4 and 8 times tables) and simple addition facts e.g. 9 + 4 = 13. Times Tables Rock Stars will help with this as your children should all now have log in details to access it. The children are really enjoying using this resource. 



This half term the topic is Forces and Magnets and we are trying to encourage children to explore forces using objects at home. Lessons will be updated each week on the Year 3 Home Learning page to show you the next part of our learning. There is also information about Famous Scientists so you may want to watch a video, sing a song, read a biography or do an activity about one of them. Look out for the Live Lesson links on the Home Learning Page too. 



Our Topic this term is the Ancient Egyptians and this is a hugely interesting topic. 



This term our Computing is all about communicators and is very appropriate for this time,



This half term we will be focusing on the Christian faith and in particular the story of Easter. They will focus on the different Gospel tellings of the story of Easter, in particular Luke's account of the events around the story. 


Design Technology

This half term we are looking at packaging and how to create boxes, in particular gift boxes.



Our Topic this half term is about portraits and if you look on Creative Ideas on the Home Learning there are lots of art projects for you to try including Pablo Picasso.


How we can help

We are all working from home or in school to try and bring you exciting learning and ideas to keep you entertained. If you or your parents want to ask us any questions please email us.


Take care

Team Year 3



                                   Food Safety Week 4th-10th June

Year 3 enjoy investigating light and shadow during their science lessons

Year 3 investigate, plan and make survival rations for their DT project

Science Week


Whilst learning about plants during Science week we decided to research a famous artist who painted plants and flowers. We researched the artist Monet and in particular looked at his paintings of waterlilies. We found out about where and how waterlilies grow and what they need to survive. 


We began our paintings using watercolour and creating a wash for the background. The following day we used poster paint and oil pastels to draw and paint the waterlilies. The children had immense fun using the different media to create their pictures. Here are just a few photos of the children at work.

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