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Year 3

Click on the stars below to find resources for each subject. Please keep checking them as new resources are added weekly.



To our wonderful Year 3's.


This will be our last week of home learning. There are some new reading comprehensions and grammar activities for you to try at home this week. Zoom sessions will finish this week after Mrs White's session at 11 am on Friday.


All of the Year 3 teachers and TA's would like to say a HUGE thank you to you and your parents/carers for everything you have been doing over the last few months. We are so sorry we won't get to see you in person before the end of the summer term but we hope you enjoy the summer holidays and we look forward to seeing all you smiley faces in September. Remember to have fun, stay safe and take care!


Love from all the Year 3 Team!



Year 3 zoom sessions are now happening every day at 11am, on a Tuesday at 1.30pm and LKS2 Story Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2.30pm. Please check the Facebook and Parent Apps for the new codes. We would love to see you there.


If you are unable to access these Apps, you are reducing screen time or cannot access these online sessions please email and we will try our best to help.

Maths Support - targets and examples of calculation methods.

Something creative for you to try at home this week 22.06.20.


If you fancy making your own Lava lamp this simple video shows you how to make one. You will need an empty plastic bottle, food colouring, oil, Alka seltzer and glitter is optional.


How to Make Lava Lamp at Home! Homemade Easy Science Experiments for Kids!!!


There are some new Grammar activities this week if you would like to have a go at them on synonyms and antonyms and conjunctions. As always try the activities first and then check your answers. You can email any work you have done to the Year 3 email address and we will put them on our website under the class Home Learning page. We would love to see what you have been doing.



Good Morning Year 3


There are some new punctuation and grammar resources below in the 'Punctuation and Grammar' this week 15.06.20, prepositions and fronted adverbials. There are also some sentence types for you to try. See if you can see if the sentences are questions, commands, exclamations or a statement? Have a go and when you have completed them check your answers with the answer sheet.


Also there is a new star 'Reading Comprehension' below which will be updated with new comprehensions for you to try at home. Level 1 is the easiest and level 3 the harder one, so choose the one you think will be best suited to you, or you could complete all 3! The answers are there for you to check once you have completed them.


Good afternoon Year 3


Apologies to those who were joining Mrs White's zoom session this morning at 10.30 am. Unfortunately the staff meeting went on longer than expected, so the zoom did not start until after 11.30 am. We will be back to the normal time next week 19.06.20 and there are more sessions being added to the schedule, the following week 22.06.20 as some of the children return to school in the following weeks. Please check the Facebook app for more details and the Home Learning page as there will be new codes to join zoom.


The teachers are all continuing to add new material to the website which you can access by clicking the stars below. If you need any help or ideas about activities for your home learning please get in touch.


Today we read chapter 2 of George's Marvellous Medicine and there is a task for you to do before next weeks session. All tasks are below in the star 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. We can share your work next week and you can also send them to the year 3 email.

If you have missed some of the story you can find the book in the 'George's Marvellous Medicine ' star below.


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Hello Year 3.

We hope you have all had a relaxing half term and have been able to enjoy spending time with your family. If you have been able to go outside for your exercise, the weather has been so warm the flowers in the garden need lots of watering. You may have continued to be interested in Science and watched Space X launch and then dock on the International Space Station. Some of you may have enjoyed being creative and we look forward to seeing what you have created.


If you have been interested in the Space X launch we have added another star at the bottom called Space where you will find some information about Space, the planets and some activities for you to try at home. 


Did you know that from the 4th-10th June is Food Safety Week? 

If you click on the star below for Food Safety Week you will find some information about food hygiene, a quiz, some activities and a recipe for Rock Cakes. We know that some of you have been helping around the kitchen and baking so we would love to see some of your photos of the things you have baked or work you have been doing. Why not have a try of these activities and share them to the year 3 email. Grown ups please remember if you do not wish your child to appear on the website to let us know when you email photographs. Thank you,


The RE planning and resources for the final half term is now available in the RE section below. There is also a creative writing sheet to help you develop and write your own stories. Don't forget to email them or any other work you have done to the Year 3 email address. We would all love to see what you have been doing.


All the teachers would like to say how lovely it has been to chat to your parents/carers and you! We are extremely proud of you all. Please try and login to the online Maths and Reading resources if you haven't already. You should all have your passwords but if you don't please email and we will be happy to give them to you. We will also be adding resources to the Maths page if you want to check how well you can remember your Arithmetic and see if you can beat your highest score.


Our topic this half term is Southport and we will be adding resources to our web pages to help you find out more about the town we live in. Please scroll down this page and visit the individual subject pages too by clicking on the stars so that you discover and use what is on there. 


After speaking to Chole in 3RW she told me she had been making pom pom creatures and her mum was making a pom pom rug so there is a video attached of how to make them easily, so why don't you have a go.



DIY Pom Poms - Super FAST Pom Poms with your hand


It has been wonderful to catch up with many of you using Zoom. We have enjoyed hearing Mr Wilson Maher reading Gangsta Granny in Story Time and having a range of catch up sessions and activities. If you have not yet joined us and would like to please go to the 'Home Learning' homepage (under Parents ) to find out about downloading and using 'Zoom' (a video conferencing app) to stay in touch with your classmates. 


Year 3 are having catch ups on Tuesdays at 1.30pm and Friday at 10.30 am and there is a KS2 Story Time on Tuesday and Thursday at 2.30pm all on Zoom.


If you want to join us, please email us at to let us know, so that we can provide you with information and keep in touch.  



BBC Bitesize are offering 150 daily lessons a week to keep you on track with your learning. There will be daily lessons for English and Maths as well as regular lessons for Science, History, Geography and more. They have been created by teachers and feature a mix of videos, animations, practice activities, quizzes and games. So why don't you give it a go! 


Times Tables Rockstars

Please use Times Tables Rockstars to really build up the speed of your recall. Knowing your Times Tables facts is a really useful skill to have. Log on to Times Tables Rockstars at


When you click on Play the Single Player mode should come up. To set yourself a score to beet click on Studio 12 x 12 and this will ask you questions to test your speed. If you click on Multiplayer and Rockslam it should also say 12 x 12 and if you scroll down the page you should see a Challenge to try and beat. Don't forget on the Home Page to look under Stats to see where you are on the school leader board.


Oxford Reading Buddy

A reminder with Oxford Reading Buddy that as well as providing books to read it is checking that your child understands what they are reading. If they select a Buddy book which has a B on it that will provide them with a quiz. Those results then feed back to us and when your child is getting over 80% on their quizzes they are ready for the programme to move them up. This online resource helps provide a wide range of books including Fiction and Non-Fiction texts and it is important for them to read as many different styles of writing as possible and show a good understanding of them.

This activity should help you to understand the social class of the Ancient Egyptians.

This reading comprehension activity will enable you to learn more about Howard Carter. 
These instructions will show you how the Ancient Egyptians mummified their ancestors and then you can have a go at doing it yourself with some fruit. 

If you're interested in Art and drawing and you can access Facebook then John Charles holds a live art session from 11am on Facebook! Today's drawing was Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid.


This Reading Comprehension Exercise will give your children more information about Tutankhamun.

This activity will help your child to order the main events of the Ancient Egyptian Era.

Tomb Raiders (Ancient Egypt) 


As we begin the new half term and the beginning of the Summer Term, the children in Year 3 should now be learning about the Ancient Egyptians.


Here are some suggested activities you could complete with your children related to English and Maths:




The children could listen to a reading of the Egyptian Cinderella and write a review of the book – likes and dislikes etc.


Write a mystery story set in Ancient Egypt, including a curse, a mummy or a tomb.


Write comic strip or storyboard retelling your favourite Egyptian myth or legend.


Write a detailed character description of Ahmed, including information about his family and his daily life.


Write explanation texts about mummification, including why mummies were created and how to create a mummy. this might help. You could also write a set of instructions; this may help with that -


Write fact files or mini-biographies of significant Ancient Egyptians, for example Tutankhamun or Cleopatra.


Write an information text or e-book about different Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.


Write a pyramid poem where the number of words increase with each line.





Challenge the children with a ‘Triangular Number’ Sequence (set in the context of pyramids) e.g. 1, 3, 6, 10 – what are the next 6 numbers in the sequence and create a poster to describe the pattern


The River Nile is approximately 6695km. Round this to the nearest 1000? 100? 10?


The Great Pyramid is 479 feet high. Round this to the nearest 100? 10?


Pyramids could take 20 years to be built. How long would it take it build 15 pyramids?


It takes around 70 days to mummify a body. How many weeks is this? How many hours is this?


Tutankhamen reigned from around BC 1332 – BC 1323, how long was this?


Tutankhamen’s tomb was found in 1922, how long ago was this?


How far is Egypt from the UK?


How long is the River Nile in km? Can you convert this in to metres? What about cm?

Here are some homework sheets on money for you to complete.


Why don't you set up a shop and price items from your cupboard. Give your child £5 in coins and ask them to buy 3 items. Work out the price and how much change you would get. 


How many different ways can they make £2 using the coins 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p, 2p? What's the least number of coins they can use? What's the most number of coins they can use?


Remember to have fun with your learning!


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