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Year 3 Spanish

Welcome to Year 3 Spanish.  Click on the links below for songs, games & videos to help you practice the Spanish you have been learning in class.


In Year 3 we learn...


  • To greet each other in Spanish and giving basic information about ourselves.
  • To count to 10 so we can say how old we are.
  • A variety of colours through words and actions that we can use to describe items.
  • To recognise some of the Super Special Spanish Sounds we use when speaking and writing.
  • The days and months of the year - so we can say when our birthday is.
  • animal names
  • to investigate patterns within numbers 11-20.
  • fruits and vegetables names
  • about masculine and feminine nouns and begin to use the indefinate article.
  • how to express a simple opinion (I like/I don't like)
  • to say where we live.


We also enjoy joining in with a variety of songs and stories and playing games to reinforce our language learning.

Examples of Year 3 Spanish work

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High