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Year 5

Welcome to the home of 5JC and 5KC

General Information

Reading - As in previous years, all the children have a school reading book and a reading record. They are encouraged to bring these home daily and regular reading remains the greatest support that parents can offer their children. As children progress in reading, discussion of the books becomes more important than listening to them read - by Year 5, the children need to be able to talk about characters and their motives and devices that a writer uses. In common with other year groups, Year 5 will be running a series of reading challenges this year to encourage reading beyond the classroom. For more information, please select the 'Reading Challenge' icon below. 


Homework- English and Maths homework will be given out on a Friday and will be handed back in by the Wednesday. 


PE Days - PE has changed this half term (Spring). We now have PE on Tuesday, that is Sports led by PDS. We also have swimming on Thursdays. Children must wear either tight swimming trunks or full swimming costumes and must also have a swimming cap. These can be bought from the school office, at a cost of £1. 

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