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Year 5 & 6 Zooms with Mr Hirst

22nd June - Percentages


23rd June - English Lesson

24th June - Science - Materials and their properties

25th June - Maths - Coordinates

26th June - Drawing together

29th June - Maths Puzzles

30th June - Subordinating Conjunctions

Picture to get you writing (make sure you use 3 subordinating conjunctions)

1st July - Science at home


2 challenges today - firstly, can you design an investigation at home to see who is correct in the picture below? We suggested today that maybe using ice cubes, you could check their ideas out...



The second challenge involves you getting a glass of water (only half full) and adding a teaspoon of sugar and then a teaspoon of rice to it. After stirring until the sugar has dissolved, can you work out a method that will allow you to get the sugar back? Today we gave two hints - sieve & sunshine! 


Can you send your ideas / videos / photos that answer either challenge to Mr Hirst. (If you have lost his work email, ask again in tomorrow's Zoom lesson.)

July 2nd - Inverse operations and working backwards


Have a go at the questions here and email Mr Hirst with your answers.

July 3rd - Drawing Together

Some of our work

6th July - Translations


7th July - Instruction Writing

8th July - Slime Science

9th July - Reflections and Coordinates

10th July - Drawing Together

13th July - Mental Maths

PowerPoints for mental math practice

14th July - 500 Words

15th July - Science - Walking Water


17th July - Late Start


Many apologies from Mr Hirst, but this afternoon's final zoom session will need to start late at 1.30pm. Hope to see you there. (At least you can eat lunch first today instead of during the meeting!)

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