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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to the webpage for Year 5 at Linaker! Please do check back often and we will try to keep you up to date with everything that goes on. The big change to the timetable this term is that we have now finished swimming so will be back to a normal finishing time for both classes on a Friday. Golden time will also be able to return to Friday for 5S.


At the start of this Summer term, we will be looking at play scripts and writing and performing our own dramas. Later in the term, we are now returning to narrative writing as we look the graphic novel of 'The Hobbit'. In Science, we are investigating forces and the life cycles of various plants and animals as well as taking part in some exciting 'space science' as we grow seeds that have been in space with Tim Peake! In geography, we will return to looking at South America and its rainforests.  


The Year 5 Team

(Mr Hirst, Mrs Suffolk, Mrs Woodward & Mrs Greenwood)


Key Information -


PE Days - PE is every Monday and Tuesday afternoon this half term and whenever the weather permits, the Monday lesson  will be outside so suitable PE kit will be essential - tracksuits for an extra layer may be useful for the colder summer days! We find it best for children to keep their PE kit in school all week rather than trying to bring it he in just on the days it is required. From the middle of May, we will aim to take the children to Portland field for the Monday lesson and the Tuesday lesson will involve the Move-it programme until half term.


Homework - Maths homework is set every Monday and is due to be handed in on Friday. Spellings are also sent home on Monday and are tested on Friday. In order to stagger the work load, English homework is set on Wednesdays for handing in the following Monday.


Reading - As in previous years, all the children have a school reading book and a reading record. They are encouraged to bring these home daily and regular reading remains the greatest support that parents can offer their children. As children progress in reading, discussion of the books becomes more important than listening to them read - by Year 5, the children need to be able to talk about characters and their motives and devices that a writer uses.


An invitation - Parents are always welcome to visit the classroom to see the work that their children are doing - please pop in at the end of the day or have a word with Mr Hirst or Mrs Suffolk to arrange a time.


High expectations - Parents will be aware that a new national curriculum has come into force over the last year and it raises expectations even higher for the things that the pupils should be achieving by Year 5. Just to illustrate what the children are aiming at, the documents below pick out key targets for the pupils across the core areas of English and Maths:

News from the classrooms


The list of links below will grow through the year to give you an insight into the learning that goes on at school. This is the place to find photos that paint a picture of life in Year 5

Useful Websites

Here are a set of links to website that can be used in or out of school to support various areas of the children's learning. If anyone has nominations for any more that we could add, please do pass them on to Mr Hirst.

Spelling Lists


This link will take you to a page from last year's page for Year 5 that holds all the spellings used for homework over the year. It is a good overview of the kind of words that Year 5 pupils need to be able to spell.

Contacting us

Please do feel free to contact the Year 5 staff if we can help in any way with information you need or concerns that you have - we would always rather speak sooner if something is worrying any of the children so that we can act quickly to ensure that school runs smoothly for everyone. Mrs Suffolk and Mr Hirst can usually be found on the playground at the end of the day or you are welcome to ring the office to ask for an appointment. As a third alternative, the contact form below will email Mr Hirst who will do his best to direct your request to the right person quickly.

Letters Home

Contacting Mr Hirst

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