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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6

 Welcome to the webpage for Year 6 at Linaker!

Please do check back often and we will try to keep you up to date with the very busy year that we have ahead. Please check out the sections below as we will add photos and work regularly.

The Year 6 Team

Ms Fraser, Mr Napier and Mrs Gray

Key information-

Homework - Maths and English homework is set every Thursday (using the maths booklets) and is due to be handed in on Tuesday. Spellings are carried out every day with children recording their own 'tricky' words in their diary. Year 6 also have access to MyMaths and Spag,com online for self directed revision tasks, please try to complete one per week.

Pupils have now been using Reading Plus online for a year, this is a great way to access a broad range of texts, develop comprehension skills and increase reading speed.  It is recommended that children use the programme for 30 minutes, three times a week.

If there is any issue with homework, please feel free to contact us.


In Year 6, children are given the opportunity for a reward for completing all their homework at the end of each term.


PE Days - PE is every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon through the term and whenever the weather permits, the Tuesday lesson will be outside so suitable PE kit will be essential - tracksuits for an extra layer may be useful as it gets colder. We find it best for children to keep their PE kit in school all week rather than trying to bring it in just on the days it is required.  Please remember that tights are not permitted so a pair of socks in the kit is recommended. Also, for health and safety, earrings should be removed for PE and hair should be tied back.


Reading - As in previous years, all the children have a school reading book . They are encouraged to bring this home daily and regular reading remains the greatest support that parents can offer their children. As children progress in reading, discussion of the books becomes more important than listening to them read - by Year 6, the children need to be able to talk about the writer's choice of vocabulary and create assumptions, use inference from subtle clues.

Research has also shown that reading to your children is vitally important for the development of reading and comprehension skills.  Please try to find time to share a book.


To promote reading, each year group is running a reading challenge, each session of reading with an adult should be recorded in the child’s diary and signed. There are increasing targets through the year for reading sessions with rewards of increasing fabulousness!


If any parent, carer or grandparent would like to volunteer to read with children in year 6 we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Ms Fraser or Mr Napier to arrange convenient times.


The children have, for the first time, a diary which includes their reading record.  We are encouraging the children to take these to each lesson to record any key information they may need such as homework hints.  Please encourage your child to fully utilise these, adding the term dates, trips, PE days etc to help your child take responsibility for their day to day requirements in preparation for secondary school.


If you have any queries, these can also be noted in the diary and shown to the class teacher as a handy way of communicating.

Autumn 1 topic overview - Flotsam.

Autumn timetable

Visit to Ainsdale beach to investigate dune formation, endangered species habitats, investigate plastic pollution, collect shells for the art projects and to survey beach usage - a VERY busy trip!

Pupils were very concerned about the amount of plastic littering the beach, perhaps left by tourists, and washed up by the sea. They decided they wanted to investigate this further and will be writing letters to Sefton Council detailing their concerns.

After writing their letters, the children posted them to various people they considered to have influence. They were very excited to receive their very first reply.

Using photographs taken at Southport beach, the children created digital collages. ICT skills of cut, paste, resize, rotate and save to folder were developed.

A group of children expressed an interest in creating unusual pieces of art so met at lunchtimes to create these fabulous papier mache shells.

Today is National Gratitude Day. Mrs Gray kindly provided chocolates whilst the pupils wrote a thank you note for adults or children in school who had gone out of their way to help them. Notes and treats were gratefully received.

Super success in investigating order of operations!

Designing and creating micro-organisms in science.

Using the coding programme, Sam's Lab, to create a moving spider!

A relaxing read in the reading area.

Thank you to Rachel Dodgson, Senior Education and Engagement Officer, who visited school to deliver Your School, Your UK Parliament assembly to Key Stage 2. This was followed by a super workshop with Year 6. Everyone was very engaged and interested with the information and practical activities. An excellent introduction to the work and history of the UK government in readiness for the Parliament week in November.

National Poetry Day. Based on the theme of 'truth', year 6 combined their topic focus by composing poems based on the truth of plastic pollution.

Interesting visit to the Atkinson museum and library to research the Mexico disaster. We also were able to find out more about the Southport coast and the concerns for plastic pollution.

The children really enjoyed dressing up in the Victorian costumes and posing for photos!

6CF have created fact boards about micro-organisms. Drawing on their learning, they made hygiene top tips, glossaries and brief definitions for fungi, bacteria and viruses in a visually interesting and eye-catching way.

SPOTTED! I noticed these three Year 6 pupils reading for pleasure at lunchtime. One young man was reading up on WWI knowing that this is Year 6's topic next half term - excellent attitude to learning.

Children looked at several viewpoints concerning use of the coast, local commerce and various groups based around the shore. They had to complete a diamond of power considering and rating which views were, in their own opinion, most to least important. The children discussed the ratings, put forward their own justified views and had, at times, to compromise.

Fabulous group collages using found items from the beach trip.

The Pearl of Africa Children's Choir have spent the day hosting workshops with the pupils - a fantastic time had by all! Year 6 created tie dye samplers to bring a little colour into the classroom.

Autumn 2 Topic overview - WWI.

Homework, over the holiday, was to carefully read the description of the beavers' house in chapter 7 of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Using their retrieval and inference skills, the pupils were to create either a detailed image or 3d model of the house. Superb examples have been created - well done Year 6!

Using Sam's Labs technology, we created lighthouses to start our science topic- Light.

Following a diamond of power activity considering the causes of WWI, pupils devised questions for leaders or characters involved. The children devised very interesting and thought provoking questions which were answered with reference to our learning. Well done - this was a very challenging task and Mr Napier and Ms Fraser were very impressed with both the questions and answers.

MyBnk have visited year 6 to carry out workshops on how to develop informed financial understanding and choice. The pupils have found this extremely interesting and some very thoughtful discussions have been had.

DT - completed WWI trenches.

DT & ICT - creating animations.

Design Technology - we created a WWI menu for food that was cooked in the trenches. A whole range of skills were developed; weighing , chopping, peeling for example, ensuring all activities were carried out safely. Hygiene was carefully considered with pupils washing hands before cooking and cleaning work surfaces. Next step is to carry out taste evaluations and consider how we could improve.

Year 6 Drummers


Still image for this video
The Year 6 classes have been developing their understanding of rhythm and dynamics as they are working hard at listening to each other in order to co-ordinate a perfromance.

Sticky knowledge - a great way to see if pupils recall specifics of inherited characteristics in our science work.

In RE, pupils have compared the Islamic pillar, Zakat and Christian charity. This led to discussion about what was fair or unfair in the world, just and unjust. These ideas were depicted in collage.

To display the excellent writing based on the animation, Alma, pupils have created their own clones and are sharing their stories with anyone who dares to read them!

A fantastic trip to the Eco Centre today. The children made windmills turn using solar panels they made, answered quiz questions on climate change, played the water board game plus a series of environmental online challenge games. The Eco Centre staff and the Director of Sefton Council (who paid a visit to the centre while we were there) were very impressed with the range of knowledge demonstrated. Well done all!

Look at the fantastic email just received from the Eco Centre staff!

Dear Mrs Brown,

We have just spent the day with Ms Fraser, Mr Napier, your fabulous Y6 pupils and support staff.

We just had to send you a message to tell you how great they have all been throughout the day. The prior knowledge they came with was impressive and we enjoyed the fact that they were very happy to share this with us!

They had the opportunity to meet Sefton Council's Chief Executive and he has doubtless gone away with a great impression of your school thanks to these brilliant ambassadors - we certainly have.

Please pass our thank you's to all the children and staff involved. We hope to see some more of your environmentally savvy pupils here at some point in the future,

Thanks very much,

Julie and Darren.

How exciting! Year 6 took part in an on-line chat with our partner school in Spain. The pupils spoke in Spanish and English to improve their skills and shared information about their school life. Our pupils discovered that Spanish pupils have exams every week and the Spanish pupils shared that they finish school at 2pm. Apart from the fact the Spanish children do not wear school uniform, they found that they their subjects and daily lives were quite similar.

Fantastic news! As part of our work on Macbeth, the pupils entered the Shakespeare portrait competition. The portraits were considered to be a high standard resulting in a certificate for highly commended. Individually, Julia's portrait made to the final stages! Well done!

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