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Year 6

I hope you are keeping up with your Reading Plus progress, this document gives you some useful tips.

Page for Resources linked to Mr Hirst's Zoom sessions with Years 5 and 6

10th June 

Hi folks, Mr Napier, Mrs Gray and I have really been enjoying the zoom sessions, especially the quizzes made by the pupils based on our topics this year.  They have been quite challenging but it is good to see you have all been revising your work and finding out new information.  Please keep up your independent work so that you are ready to return to school - hopefully soon. 

We have been looking at the British Parliament this half term and we have been very impressed with the ppts made so far.  This week's task is to create a poster of Parliament facts, take a photo and send it in.  There are two links below to help with you. Enjoy your research!

Neve interviewed Southport's Labour candidate as part of our work on Parliament.

Tuesday 12th May

Hi folks,

Glad that you are all keeping well and fantastic to see so many of you joining our zoom sessions. I have been super impressed with all the amazing activities, new skills and artwork produced by our fabulous year 6 pupils.  Mr Napier and I love the pictures and videos you send in - keep them coming! 

Did you realise that this would have been SATs week? I think this is the first time in ten years I have not been dishing out SATs breakfasts, handing out SATs papers, motivating and encouraging pupils to do their very best. However, we don't need SATs to know how much good progress you were all making this year and whatever the outcome of these uncertain times, please be assured that every single staff member in school (especially  me and Mr Napier) are so proud of you. 

Keep accessing the files below to maintain your learning and join us on zoom!

Ms Fraser

Sunday 3rd May


Hi everyone,


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to our upcoming Zoom sessions. As promised from our last meeting, please click on the link below to find five Microbit lessons, which should be a good starting place to learn how to use the devices. When you download the bundle, there will be a Microbit simulator which you will be able to use to complete the activities. Anything you are proud of completing, please email. Hopefully when we get back to school, you will be able to use the real things!


Also, as we are looking at natural disasters this term, I have found a great game, where you deal with realistic disaster scenarios and create defences to protect the local population.


Finally, as you know I have been creating a Kahoot quiz for each Zoom session. If anyone wants to have a go themselves, please let me know. I am sure we could fit yours in, as long as there aren't too many questions!


See you all tomorrow!


Mr Napier



Tuesday 28th April


Hello folks!

Really enjoyed yesterday's zoom meeting and quizzes now I have mastered how to see everyone at once! Next learning point - how did we lock the meeting and how do we unlock it? I am sure Mr Napier and I will get better with the new technology the more we use it. 


As things went so well, and in response to children's requests, we will be having zoom meetings on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am, using the same codes each time.  I sent out an email last night with those, if you didn't receive it or hope to be a first time user, send an email to and I will get the details sent out to you asap. 


If you have an good ideas for what to include, please send them to the email address too. 

Looking forward to seeing even MORE of you tomorrow!

Ms Fraser 

Hello again!

It has been lovely today catching up with pupils on the phone and I am pleased that so many have a really positive attitude to their learning at home.  I have heard about some great projects - don't forget to send your photos to the year group email.

Please also send your email contact so that we can set up the zoom meeting for later in the week.



How lovely to see so many of you on today's zoom meeting. I think I shall put together some sort of quiz for our next meetings now we have all had a chance to catch up.  Don't forget to email with ideas for what you would like to do.  

So many of you talked about your pets so I have made another folder for furry (or scaly!) friends - send your family pet pictures.

Ms Fraser


Hello folks!

I hope you are all safe and well in these unusual times.  I have collected some ideas for activities to keep you going, it is challenging to keep motivated so once you have your daily routine mix up school work with fun learning activities.

Why not:

  • learn something new
  • create a stop motion animation
  • make a family newspaper with interviews and daily news
  • hold a fashion show with outfits made from recycled packaging and materials
  • create instruments and compose a song
  • make sock puppets and perform a play
  • research your family tree


Whatever you do, enjoy the challenge and send pictures to the year 6 email address, we will put them on this page to share and celebrate your achievements.


Ms Fraser

Hello again! I do hope you are all well and keeping yourselves active with a good range of activities.  I have been thinking about one of my favourite topics which we were going to be working on this term so have collected some website details all about the Earth, climate and weather. 

I have also added some files for English and maths to maintain your learning. Have a go at some of the craft activities too.

Don't forget to send photos to the year email and I will post them on this page. 

Ms Fraser

How many of these 100 things to do can you complete?

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