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Year 6


Summer 1.

Please complete each section of the natural disasters booklet as outlined in the lesson. 

Thirty minutes of Reading+ every day please. 

Maths - worksheet. 


Until the Summer term, homework will be online.

Friday 19th March

Reading plus - a minimum of 30 minutes additional reading.

Science: The next history of science lesson from The Oak Academy is about the way that the discovery of DNA has changed science. Please complete the lesson this week. You can access it by clicking here. 

Friday 12th March

Reading plus - a minimum of 30 minutes additional reading.

ScienceHow has our understanding of the human body changed over time?

In this lesson, we will look at how our understanding of human anatomy has developed and how this understanding has impacted modern medicine.  Watch the lesson and complete the activity.   Click HERE to access the lesson. 



Welcome to Year 6!

The Year 6 team consists of Ms Fraser, Mr Napier, Mr Hirst and Mrs Woodward. 


Year 6 are following their usual topics with adaptations made for social distancing guidelines and restrictions made on school trips. 


PE is on Thursdays, please come to school in PE kit.  Sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms are recommended as the weather becomes cooler.  Tights are not to be worn.  Remember to tie hair back and remove earrings. 


Homework is given out on Friday and is to be returned to school on Mondays.  MyMaths is also being used to support maths homework.  Each child has their own password and user name.  


Online learning programmes are a great way to help support the children in embedding their learning and catching up on any areas they feel less confident in.  The children have access to TTRock stars, Reading Plus and MyMaths.  It is recommended that these programmes are used at least three times a week for twenty minutes each. 


Reading books are changed each week.  Please bring back the book on Friday and choose a new book on Monday.  Don't forget to record the reading in the diary. 




Autumn 1 curriculum overview - Flotsam

Year 5/6 spellings. Use this list to revise spellings. Choose five each day and write them in a sentence.

Look who joined year 6 for maths today!

Autumn 2 overview - World War One.

Topic overview

Spring Term 1.

Spring 1 overview.

Summer term 1. 

Don't forget to wear your PE kit on Tuesday for the afterschool sports club. 

Overview for the Summer 1 term. Additional activities may be included if identified as a need in the recovery curriculum work.

Outdoor learning in maths - area, perimeter and volume.

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High