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Year 6

A fantastic time was had by all at PGL. Here are a small selection of photos from the weekend for now.

Links to home learning.

If your child is absent for an extended period, the following links to the Oak Academy lessons will enable learning from home.  

English = please use Reading+ for a minimum of 20 minutes per day.  

Maths = please access TTRS each day plus look at the lessons on MYMaths, choose at least one to complete each day.

Welcome to Year 6.



The Year 6 team consists of Ms Fraser, Mr Napier and Mr Wilson-Maher. 

Mrs Woodward has taken up an exciting new position and Year 6 pupils wish her well in her new adventures. 


PE is on Monday (outdoor) and Tuesday (indoor), please come to school in the appropriate PE kit.  Sweatshirts and tracksuit bottoms are recommended as the weather becomes cooler, pumps for indoor PE and trainers for outdoor.  Tights are not to be worn and remember to tie hair back and remove earrings. 


Maths and reading homework will be online as this proved very successful during lockdown, they are a great way to help support the children in embedding their learning and catching up on any areas they feel less confident in.

Each pupil has a Reading Plus account, this programme is very effective in improving reading speed, stamina and understanding.  This should be accessed for homework for at least two twenty minute sessions. 

MyMaths homework will support the work carried out in class, each child has their own password and user name.  The homework task will be available when they log on.

All the online programmes provide information on individuals' access, strengths and areas to develop, enabling the teacher to effectively support pupils in class. 


For those pupils unable to access the online programmes or who would like some additional guidance, Ms Fraser and Mr Napier will host a drop in homework club during Tuesday lunchtime. 


The children also have access to TTRock stars for fun times table work.


Reading books are changed each week.  Please bring the book back on Fridays and choose a new book on Monday.  Don't forget to record the reading in the diary. 


Each Year 6 pupil is provided with a diary and record book to develop organisational skills.  Children will make notes of up coming events, resources needed, timetables etc, it is also a good starting point for chatting with your child about their day in school. 

Home Learning Autumn 1

See below for links to the Oak Academy related curriculum which matches our own as much as possible. 

English: (Click here)

Mathematics: (Click here)

Science: (Click here)

History: (Click here)


This timetable shows a 'normal' week, there may be changes for trips or block work.

Pssst..... do you recognise anyone? As we are studying the spy novel, 'Stormbreaker', Years 5 & 6 have enjoyed a spy day!

Year 6 have taken part in three very exciting curriculum enhancement days at Stanley HS, Birkdale HS and Greenbank.  Subjects have included; PE, history, geography, art, D&T, French, German and more!  The pupils have been superb ambassadors for Linaker Primary.  Here is an extract from an email received today from a teacher at Greenbank.


Good afternoon,


I hope that you all returned safely. Ms Fraser it was an absolute pleasure to see you and meet your wonderful students. Your students had fantastic prior knowledge and they are brilliant young ladies; they are a credit to you.


Kindest regards,


Well done Year 6 girls. 

As we are continuing with the same topics during Autumn 2, only folders for the new topics are below. 

Science - space, pupils inflated the planets and put them in order from the sun. Pupils also held a debate on space tourism. The result was that money should be spent on repairing this planet before travelling to another.

Day of the Dead

I have a dream - during our Black History work, children researched Martin Luther King and recorded their own dreams for the future.

Lest we forget.

Outdoor maths - perimeter

Summer term

Pupils headed to Waterstones to choose a book and listen to a reading.

Devising protection for eggs before being dropped from height.

Maths relay.

Sampling tomato based sauces before creating their own.

Outdoor teamwork challenges.

Ordering decimals revision.

Presenting circulatory systems to the class. Excellent research, very interesting.

Last activity of year 6 - completing D&T, making pasta.

Aspiration, Inspiration, Motivation, Aim High