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Community Words of Wisdom Project

Linaker Primary School is one of only three schools in Sefton to be chosen to lead the Words of Wisdom Project as part of the 2020 Borough of Culture, and Linaker RotaKids are very proud to be taking part in the project.

It is a sad fact that I in 5 elderly people across Sefton see no more than one person in a month. The aim of the project is to change this by connecting generations together, bringing a smile to elderly people’s faces, hearing their stories and collecting their Words of Wisdom.

Linaker RotaKids made an early start to the project when they hosted a 'Chatter Lunch' in December, with much chatter, fun and laughter being had by all during a communal game of bingo followed by a delicious lunch provided by Sefton Catering Services.

More recently, they visited a group of elderly citizens at Lord Street West Church in Southport, taking with them a collection of traditional board games, including Snakes and Ladders and Draughts. Once again the warmth and enthusiasm of the young RotaKids was infectious and their elderly companions were more than happy to pass on their wise words.

The goal of the Words of Wisdom Project is to create 100 lines of wisdom across Sefton. Some of those collected by Linaker RotaKids will be illuminated with photographs on The Atkinson building in March.

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