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End of October Half Term

Wow what a fantastic end to our half term. Over 100 parents and governors attended our Maths Open Morning. Parents were able to go into their children's maths lessons and see how our new Maths No Problem scheme is working. They could work alongside their children, which the children loved. 

Then Thursday the Pearl of Africa Children's Choir were in school wowing us with an incredible assembly and carrying out workshops with the children throughout the day. They even managed to fit in some football and skipping with the children during lunchtime. It was amazing to hear children commenting on how they 'felt the music in their heart', and that 'they felt a bit like crying when the singing started' because they'd had such and emotional response to the music. It was wonderful to see so many families staying behind for the performance in the playground at the end of the day. 

Click here to go to our Special Events page and see photos from both days. 

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