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Secondary school applications

Please make sure you have applied before 31st October 2016.

See information below:


For parents of children who live in the Sefton area: You should now make your application online using Sefton’s online application facility, which is quick and easy, convenient and secure.  It can be accessed on Sefton’s website at and you can choose to receive your decision by email on the National Offer day.  You will need to first register your own details with a valid email address, before adding your child’s details and making an application to choose your preferred schools.


Sefton’s online application for high schools is open from 1 September 2016 until the National closing day of 31 October 2016 for you to submit your application.


There is also a ‘Guide for Parents’ booklet which provides information about the Admissions process as well as a ‘Schools Information’ booklet which includes details about all schools in Sefton, both of which can be found on Sefton’s website at which we would advise you to take a look at before completing your online application.

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