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Year 6 make us proud!

Year 6 pupils and their teachers were out today at the Eco Centre, finding out about the ways that the climate could face disaster. They had a fantastic time and Mrs Brown was delighted to receive the email below from the staff at the Eco Centre after the children's return to school. Well done Year 6!


Dear Mrs Brown,

We have just spent the day with Ms Fraser, Mr Napier, your fabulous Y6 pupils and support staff.

We just had to send you a message to tell you how great they have all been throughout the day. The prior knowledge they came with was impressive and we enjoyed the fact that they were very happy to share this with us!

They had the opportunity to meet Sefton Council's Chief Executive and he has doubtless gone away with a great impression of your school thanks to these brilliant ambassadors - we certainly have.

Please pass our thank yous to all the children and staff involved. We hope to see some more of your environmentally savvy pupils here at some point in the future,

Thanks very much,

Julie and Darren.

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